“A 9-to-5 job? Not for me!”

Matthias Bittner, full-time Passioneer, part-time consultant at ERC

“A 9-to-5 job? Not for me!”

Matthias Bittner, full-time Passioneer, part-time consultant at ERC

At ERC, we are true “Passioneers”: Engineers who are passionate about their dream. We’re striving towards an electric flight solution to reduce inequalities between locations – anywhere on Earth: a holistic vision that’s not only bigger than our product but truly #BiggerThanUs.

Yet, we’re not the only ones striving towards something big. Along the way, we’ve met many other aviation enthusiasts who share our dream of flying and are pushing the boundaries in different ways.

One of these Passioneers – an aviation engineer by passion – is Matthias Bittner, professor of electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten.

Matthias, what makes you a Passioneer?

The classic 9-to-5 job would not be for me. Typically, I put my heart and soul into my projects, and then I also like to work a little bit longer. Especially for my professorship, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of the times and always pay attention to what’s happening in the industry. That’s also why I support ERC a few hours a week in many areas, especially where I can help with my experience.

Balázs Nagy with the HORYZN prototype

I want to be there when the company grows into something big and great!

But you could certainly keep your finger on the pulse with less effort. What motivates you to take on such a workload?

Before my professorship, I was right at the forefront of building up the project behind the company; I was virtually an employee from the very beginning. I know the entire team very well and enjoy working with them. And while, for personal and professional reasons, I couldn’t continue to work full-time for ERC. I find the startup itself, the team, and the whole project so exciting that I just can’t keep my hands off it. It’s also become something close to my heart. I want to be there when the company grows into something big and great, supporting it as much as I can. And to be honest, it’s not completely altruistic, as I also grow with every challenge and can still take away a few things for myself from all of the processes.

Team of HORYZN

The same rules apply here as for the big players!

What exactly do you support ERC with?

I teach and do research in the field of control and automation. Coming out of this are scientific findings that are very relevant to the development of an eVTOL. Besides, I also provide support in developing and establishing professional processes and the structural setup of the entire company. The same regulatory requirements always apply to the development of an eVTOL, regardless of whether it’s a startup or a big player. Everyone at ERC attaches great importance to this.

Together we create something that will remain.

What does the ERC motto #BiggerThanUs mean to you personally?

For me, #BiggerThanUs means working as a team on something important and far-reaching, the challenges of which you couldn’t overcome alone. Together we create something that will remain and creates real impact.

We are also convinced of this! 😊 Thank you, Matthias, for your support – even outside of the 9-to-5 workday!

If you also want to create real impact in the team, take a look at our career page. We’re looking for new Passioneers!

About eRC-System GmbH

eRC-System GmbH develops a manned electrical vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, having all aspects of certified aerospace products in mind, right from the start. The company is closely cooperating with suppliers, partners and authorities in order to realize sustainable solutions for technical, operational, and infrastructural challenges.

ERC was founded in 2020 by a team of aerospace engineers that already has gained experience in this field for many years. Being pioneers in the development of new technologies that will last beyond a human and that will have impact on the daily lives of millions, requires ERC’s “Passioneering spirit” – the combination of passion and know-how.

Being well-funded, the initial team already grew a full-featured company around the topic that is still prospering fast and highly dynamic.