Becoming #BiggerThanUs

Our values

Becoming #BiggerThanUs

Our values

Together, we strive to achieve a goal that’s bigger than us. But what makes us tick? How exactly do we go about our daily lives? What’s important to us individually on our mission? These are our values:

We are honest.

We say what we think, we are open and we have no hidden agenda.

We want the best for everyone.

With the development of a special eVTOL, we’re making a concrete contribution to the success of a better future. For everyone and for anywhere on Earth.

We are a cocktail.

The recipe: loyalty, cohesion, and a sense of community. On this path, we’re taking with us anyone who’s looking for the same. Cheers!

We accept mistakes along the way.

We know that we’re trying something new. So, we accept every mistake that happens on the way to a flawless result. Because we know that aviation doesn’t tolerate mistakes.

We are fair.

We show respect for each other, admit mistakes, acknowledge uncertainties, and share in others’ happiness. Envy is alien to us. Even with respect to our market competitors.

We are courageous.

Anyone who dares to try something new must be courageous. We live this every day.

What a day off!

A live meeting with all employees in person? A premiere in our young company’s history. Despite a lot of distance, a previously unknown closeness and a wonderful sense of community emerged. The atmosphere was incredible, we had a lot of fun and on top of all of that, we have reached the first milestone in establishing the ERC culture.

Find some impressions and some quotes below:

“We called it a workshop, but it was more of a ‘fun shop’”

“Now I have to ask, is that really what you mean?”

“What a great foundation for our mission ahead.”

“It’s great to finally meet everyone together.”

“How important that we spent the time together on this workshop.”

“Oh, that’s how you look in real life 😉.”

“It’s great to see how creative everyone is here!”

Honesty, doing good and team spirit are also your main principles? Then click on our career page! We’re hiring 😉!

About eRC-System GmbH

eRC-System GmbH develops a manned electrical vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, having all aspects of certified aerospace products in mind, right from the start. The company is closely cooperating with suppliers, partners and authorities in order to realize sustainable solutions for technical, operational, and infrastructural challenges.

ERC was founded in 2020 by a team of aerospace engineers that already has gained experience in this field for many years. Being pioneers in the development of new technologies that will last beyond a human and that will have impact on the daily lives of millions, requires ERC’s “Passioneering spirit” – the combination of passion and know-how.

Being well-funded, the initial team already grew a full-featured company around the topic that is still prospering fast and highly dynamic.