“I cherish the team spirit, the openness, and the respectful interaction.”

Zuliyana Palwankar, People & Culture @ERC

“I cherish the team spirit, the openness, and the respectful interaction.”

Zuliyana Palwankar, People & Culture @ERC

A technically skilled and constantly growing company does not only depend on passionate engineers. Human interaction and the targeted promotion of qualified employees are of vital importance. A company like ERC also needs employees who are confident in their dealings with workforce and ensure that the company culture is given a high priority by assembling the right team.

In our new employee story, we introduce Zuliyana Palwankar, who describes her work as a People & Culture Passioneer and shows how important a well-functioning team for the #BiggerThansUs dream is.

Hello Zuliyana and thank you for your time! Please give us more details about your role at ERC and what it entails.

I am responsible for our people and culture. I am the one who finds new team members that fit, establishes the culture and values, and drives learning and development. I am part of a FeelGood-Team that cares about the people who make our mission possible. With these approaches, I aim for creating a diverse and international team.

I am part of a FeelGood-Team that takes care of the people who make our mission possible.

To a fast-growing, young company that relies on the expertise of its employees, your role is especially important. Your job means holding a great responsibility. Be so kind and tell us what skills you acquired before ERC and brought to the team.

I have worked in different areas of Human Resources. Among others in general HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development and I also have experiences in Marketing and Sales – all this spread over many years and in several companies.

So you bring a wide range of experience to the team and have seen a lot. How come you decided to work in the team at ERC?

It’s an inspiring team with very helpful people. The overall atmosphere is respectful, valuable and appreciative. I really like the passion of my colleagues and the special purpose of the eVTOL itself and see it as a great challenge to develop the team and the company.

The passion and enthusiasm for the work and the open approach to mistakes is impressive.

Building and growing a company’s team in its early years is certainly a responsible task and a big challenge. What does your day-to-day work at ERC look like and what keeps you motivated?

I conduct quite a few interviews with international candidates, most of them online, evaluate new applications, have meetings with other team members, work on internal communication and create new concepts. Seeing what steps the company takes to achieve the goal is also very exciting.

Reaching our goal of Building an eVTOL from scratch is definitely a thrilling challenge but what is the very special thing about working in the team at ERC for you?

I cherish the team spirit, the openness and the respectful interaction. The passion and enthusiasm for the work and the open approach to mistakes is impressive. I can also identify with the culture and values of the company.

Can you tell us something about your personal mission?

To me it’s great to inspire the people around me to achieve great things. I treat everyone with respect and compassion. I know that you can only achieve great things as part of a team and not alone. I am very empathetic and I love people and communication in general.

Those qualities are essential to the role you hold as People & Culture Passioneer. Thank you again, Zuliyana, for the insight into your professional activities.

If you would like to get to know Palwankar Zuliyana a little better, check out her LinkedIn profile.

If your strengths also lie in interpersonal skills and you want to achieve something that is #BiggerThanUs: We look forward to receiving your initiative application because we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic colleagues! You can find more information on our career page.

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