“I want to be able to say:
I was a part of it!”

Fabian Wiedemann, a model flying passioneer and advisor at ERC

“I want to be able to say:
I was a part of it!”

Fabian Wiedemann, a model flying passioneer and advisor at ERC

At ERC, we are true “Passioneers”: Engineers who are passionate about their dream. We’re striving towards an electric flight solution to reduce inequalities between locations – anywhere on Earth: a holistic vision that’s not only bigger than our product but truly #BiggerThanUs.

Yet, we’re not the only ones striving towards something big. Along the way, we’ve met many other aviation enthusiasts who share our dream of flying and are pushing the boundaries in different ways.

One of these like-minded Passioneers is Fabian Wiedemann, a drone building expert in the composite field. And a passionate model airplane pilot. What a combination!

Fabian, thank you for taking the time for this interview! Tell me, building drones and flying model airplanes – how does this fit together?

Well, excellent, if you ask me! It was not only because of flying models that I got into building drones in the first place. Even as a teenager, model airplanes fascinated me. However, I did not only fly them but also built them on my own. Over the years I got the opportunity to move into the professional UAV development and building because of my deep knowledge in composite materials which I gained from the model airplanes.

Balázs Nagy with the HORYZN prototype

So, the building of models is no longer just your hobby?

No, not at all. My passion, together with my bachelor’s degree in production management, has even taken me to the other side of the world professionally: I worked for ten years in Thailand at the largest production facility for drones and model aircraft, then for another two years in China, and finally, I am now employed at an institute at the TU Munich as a technical manager. Among other things, I am supporting students during flight demonstrations there as a test pilot, but also helping them with structural issues related to the demonstrator.

Team of HORYZN

Wow, so you help students with your broad practical knowledge. Through this direct contact with research, you probably also get to see all the technical innovations, don’t you?

Yes, through the contact with the students on the one hand, and through the contacts in the industry on the other hand – as I am also working as an advisor. To them, I also provide my expertise as a drone pilot and in the designing phase.

There is so much pioneering work happening here!

Okay, so you keep yourself quite busy. What is your motivation to be an advisor in addition to your “normal” job as an employee in the public sector?

That’s easy to answer in one sentence: I want to learn continuously! Especially with new materials like carbon fiber or new production methods, you can simply never stop learning. And through the various activities, I get so much new input and knowledge – it’s just incredibly fun! And on the other hand, I can give a lot of input back. Especially working on manned flying objects, like at ERC, is extremely exciting. There is so much pioneering work happening here!

What exactly is your job as an advisor in the industry?

Basically, it’s about designing and optimizing a prototype such that it can be mass-produced later – at a low cost.

Balázs Nagy with the HORYZN prototype

So you’re someone who doesn’t just want to see the one eVTOL flying, but you want to make sure that it flies around in large numbers later on?

Exactly. My motivation is the idea of being part of this development! To be part of the teams that are shaping the aviation of tomorrow. I want to be able to say: I was a part of it!

That is the perfect definition of our motto #BiggerThanUs. Is this the only aspect of your work that is bigger than you?

I was also part of a drone development that delivers blood units and vaccines in Africa. The feeling of helping people with my work is definitely bigger than me.

With all the up-and-coming eVTOL developers, why did you choose ERC to support with your knowledge and expertise?

The company culture at ERC is simply unique. My expertise is valued, the interaction there is open and direct, and at the same time always friendly and cordial. Everyone is very down-to-earth. Even if you can’t say that about their product 😉

Yes, we hope so! Thank you so much for the insights into your work, Fabian. It’s nice to have you onboard on our way to a working and production-ready eVTOL!

If you also want to create real impact in the team, take a look at our career page. We’re looking for new Passioneers!

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