“The feeling of really making a difference”

Michael Seemann, Testing Passioneer @ERC

“The feeling of really making a difference”

Michael Seemann, Testing Passioneer @ERC

Our technological and entrepreneurial success is based on the superb collaboration of our excellent employees. Given the rapid speed on which electric flight solutions are being developed, the expertise and teamwork of our people are a source of long-term competitive advantage. Because our employees (such as THOMAS KRONSTEINER, TANJA GEWALD) are so important to us, we would like to introduce you to them and let them tell you what it’s like to work at ERC. This time Michael Seemann took the time to answer a few questions.

Thank you, Michael, for your time! First of all, what is your current job at ERC?

At the moment I am mainly planning and setting up the laboratory test stands and assisting colleagues on building other test stands, e.g. for propulsion testing. Also, I am working on the design of avionics systems and the selection of components. So one part of my daily business is to make sure that the testing facilities actually are the ones we need for integration and verification activities.

Okay, that sounds like a very versatile job that requires many different skills! Which of them did you already have before ERC?

Even before ERC, I was used to thinking in systems, dealing with international clients, coordinating specialists and being able to improvise. This has been required in all jobs so far and is essential when you consider situations like the Corona pandemic.

Apart from that, I also bring technical know-how to the team: designing and integration of avionics systems, as well as setting up required test environments.

Despite the complex demands of the job, is there some kind of recurring routine in your daily work?

Definitely! First of all, I usually come to work by bike. Then I work on the integration setups, getting items to work, documenting requirements, design, tests etc. The formal and informal exchange with colleagues is as much part of the routine as the feeling at the end of the day that there is still a lot to do.

I have the opportunity of playing a significant part in the design of future manned air transport.

Is that also the reason why you chose ERC as an employer: to make a decisive contribution to the development of a product yourself?

Absolutely. The feeling of really making a difference gives me so much motivation that I even enjoy coming to work on Monday mornings. Apart from that, it is of course exciting to play a significant part in the creation of the new company and at the same time the design of a part of future manned air transport, an eVTOL.

Revolutionizing the future of manned air travel is something ERC has made a big commitment to. Is this commitment always present in your daily work?

Yes, in fact, it motivates us all to have a common goal to work towards: To see the eVTOL fly and create something that is simply #BiggerThanUs. Being part of the next generation of manned transportation which hopefully changes the life of people in a positive way.

It does not really feel like working, because it is so much fun!

The idea of revolutionizing air travel certainly didn’t come to you overnight. How did you get into aviation?

I used to fly sailplanes with dad long before I studied aeronautical engineering. I always look up when I hear an airplane, (ok, given the Covid situation that was a tricky part, but fortunately they are back), trying to understand why OEMs build the aircraft the way they build them. So working in a startup where I’m involved live in the development of an even more interesting kind of aerial vehicle is really just the next logical step.

You’ve already told us some of the differences between ERC and the big players as an employer, such as making a decisive contribution. But what makes working at ERC special for you?

Often it does not really feel like working, because it is so much fun. And so much work as well. But also fun… 😊

If you too want to have fun at work every day and revolutionize the future of manned flight, then take a look at our career page. We’re hiring!

About eRC-System GmbH

eRC-System GmbH develops a manned electrical vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, having all aspects of certified aerospace products in mind, right from the start. The company is closely cooperating with suppliers, partners and authorities in order to realize sustainable solutions for technical, operational, and infrastructural challenges.

ERC was founded in 2020 by a team of aerospace engineers that already has gained experience in this field for many years. Being pioneers in the development of new technologies that will last beyond a human and that will have impact on the daily lives of millions, requires ERC’s “Passioneering spirit” – the combination of passion and know-how.

Being well-funded, the initial team already grew a full-featured company around the topic that is still prospering fast and highly dynamic.