“I am convinced that soon we will see our eVTOL flying like a bird.”

Jay Nayak, Energy Distribution and Propulsion Passioneer @ERC

“We imagine that our eVTOL will fly like a bird with all aspects of safety.”

Jay Nayak, Energy Distribution and Propulsion Passioneer @ERC

A special kind of project needs people who are just as special. Since electrically powered vehicles represent the third revolution in aviation, opportunities are also opening up for employees who previously have not chosen a direct entry into aerospace industry.

Today’s employee story is an interview that describes how Jay Nayak found his way into aeronautics and to ERC, what specifics are important to him, and how he envisions future steps.

We are glad to have you here for the interview, Jay. Please tell us something about your professional past and what skills you acquired before joining ERC.

Before joining ERC, I worked in the field of research and development for electric power converter modules like AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, and SiC-based semiconductors for an OEM. My focus at that time was to study the efficiency and power density of DC/AC converters by optimizing the converter topology, the switching technology, and the materials.

And then you became aware of ERC. What attracted you to work in this team?

Well, my first interview with ERC was quite a fruitful conversation. I was convinced that my skills and experiences in developing automotive power converters will really create an add-on for developing the propulsion system of an eVTOL. In addition, my understanding of testing and validating data from power modules will help to generate relevant requirements. So, I wanted to engage in further discussions. After my personal interview and the technical debates, I was fully convinced that I really wanted to work for ERC and become a Passioneer.

Also, I am working on checking certification requirements that include environmental conditions and safety.

So, you were able to contribute your experiences to the fullest extent. What exactly is your job at ERC and what does it include?

At the moment, since we are in the middle of a test campaign, I am mainly preparing the test cases and post-process the data emerging from the tests. I discuss the findings from data reviews with my colleagues, generate thorough test documentation, analyze the evaluated data, and check the performance requirements for propulsion and high voltage energy distribution. In addition to that, I am working on the certification requirements that include environmental conditions and safety. Previously, I was not aware of the certification standards in this detail, but now as we are developing a serious eVTOL, I have a great opportunity to get to know more about the formal development plan and certification roadmap for creating an eVTOL. Having an automotive background and having only been in the aviation industry for around 11 months now, I’m still learning the typical developing process in aviation such as defining functions, certification, and safety requirements as well as verification and validation of those.

Be so kind and tell us more about your personal impressions and what has been your biggest challenge since working in the team at ERC.

I am impressed by the human culture that exists at ERC. All colleagues are extremely friendly and they enjoy their work. As I haven’t had the opportunity to work on formal development processes for aviation before, there is still a lot to learn before I can implement my new knowledge fully. I need to acquire the mindset to adapt myself and think multiple times before generating valid system requirements.

When I enter the hangar, I’m particularly focused and a little excited as well.

This approach deserves respect. The motto #BiggerThanUs has a general meaning, but also an individual one. What does that mean to you?

Every generation has imagined that flying cars will be part of their daily lives. Making this happen with safety in our minds is #BiggerThanUs for me.

That sounds like an honorable mission. Try to remember when your Dream of Flying began, and what does it look like today?

I believe that flying is everyone’s dream and from a very early age I also dreamt to fly. I don’t have a pilot license, but at least I can contribute by developing such a machine that can fulfill other’s dreams.

What is that feeling when you enter the hangar, and what keeps you motivated?

When I enter the hangar, I’m particularly focused and a little excited as well. But when the tests are successful, I also feel a great sense of satisfaction. Looking at the data obtained during the tests, I am convinced that soon we will see our eVTOL flying like a bird. I want to live that moment, and that goal keeps me motivated.

Finally, do you have a statement you would like to share with us?

I’m proud of ERC as the way we are moving forward is amazing. We also live diversity in the workplace, which brings out different ideas and improves our way to approach things.

We would like to thank you, Jay, for sharing with us your experiences and impressions, as well as for the time you took for the interview.

If you want to find out more about Jay Nayak, you can also check out his LinkedIn profile.

Are you equally passionate about flying and interested in a meaningful project that is simply #BiggerThanUs? Then we look forward to receiving your job application. You can find more information on the ERC career page.

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